How to Choose Bodysuit for Pear-shaped Women

bodysuit for pear-shape

As women, we often think that choosing the right clothes to wear is not easy. No wonder, guideline articles on how to choose perfect clothes are always on-trend. 

Well, in my opinion, choosing your best clothing should not be a daunting task as long as you know what is your shape and the clothes you are comfortable in. 
So, when it comes to choosing a bodysuit, let’s start our hunting from our body shape. 

Choosing the perfect bodysuit for Pear-shaped 

If we summarize all of the tips from the clothes guiding articles that guide, there are two important measurements that must be considered in choosing clothes, those are model and size. 
But before jumping into a specific style for pear-shaped, let’s remember some characteristics that often apply: 
Our hips and thighs are wider than our body 
We have a gorgeous waist, which is smaller than our hips 
So, what kind of bodysuit is perfect for pear-shaped women? 
 #1. Best style for pear-shaped 
Some of the advice we often get is to balance our shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. We also can do it by emphasizing our favorite parts and being smart about the colors we choose. 
So, if you love your waist most, you can opt for a bodysuit that shows your waist more like those with a belt or a structured waistline will define your smallest part. 
bodysuits for women
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Another option to choose is a bodysuit that focuses on top detail, like a bodysuit with a dramatic neckline, or a V neckline. 
#2. The size 
One of the reasons why we love bodysuits is because they help us to tuck in our shirt or those high-waisted pants which just won’t cooperate. It also helps us to have more options on style. 
Thus it is important to choose the perfect size to wear. You may ever hear that we should go one or two upper than our original size. But it is best to go with the basic guidelines when choosing  bodysuits for women. 
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The first thing we should consider is the length. Of course, we all want it to cover us without it riding up or being too baggy. So it is best to have it a try before deciding to bring it home. Don’t forget to wear your best sports bra and do a few squats when you try it on.   
As for the overall fit, check how it fits your bum, bust, and tummy. There should not be any underarm spillage, a cheeky indent on your bum, or constricting feeling. 
Another option is choose a two pieces bodysuit, which allowing you to go with so many clothes. 
bodysuit for pear-shape
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We hope this guide helps you to choose your best one or two (or perhaps three) bodysuits. Happy shopping.
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